mouth Ulcer

Is your mouth ulcer not leaving you? Know how long does it takes for mouth ulcers to heal.

mouth UlcerAre you affected by reoccurring mouth ulcers? It is a problem which you all experience commonly due to constipation or other stomach disorders. Mouth ulcers are sores or lesions that often appear on the inside of the cheeks, lips or on the floor of the mouth. It makes you uncomfortable and is sometimes painful but harmless. There are several factors that cause mouth ulcers such as constipation, hormonal changes, acidity and deficiencies of vitamin B or C, iron and nutrients. Due to ongoing mouth ulcers, you will not be able to eat properly and encounter pain.
But it does not mean that there is no treatment for these unwanted mouth ulcers. This disorder is easily treatable with the help of some simple home remedies. To treat mouth ulcers you don’t need to go anywhere else because all the substitutes of medications are easily available at your home.


HoneyIt is rich in antibacterial properties which increases its use to treat mouth ulcers. Honey helps you to retain moisture and prevents your mouth from becoming dry. Along with this, it also hastens the process of new tissue growth. It is the best way to heal your ulcers in the mouth.


Mulethi Powder

Mulethi powderMulethi works wonders for the mouth ulcers caused due to stomach ailments. You can consume it with water or with some honey to cure your mouth ulcers. It is recommended because it helps to clean your stomach and removes toxins that could be responsible for the ulcers.



TriphalaYou can also use an Ayurvedic herbal powder consisting of three Indian fruits that are Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki which is commonly known as Triphala. Gargle with it once a day to heal your symptoms of your mouth ulcer naturally.


Mishri and Camphor

Mishri and CamphorOther home remedy which works brilliant to treat mouth ulcer is mishri and camphor. You need to make a powder by adding 1 gm of camphor to 8 gram of mishri and apply it on the sores. This mixture is prescribed because it reduces the irritation and swelling in order to treat your disorder.


Coconut Oil or Ghee

coconut oil It contains natural inflammatory properties which help in reducing swelling and soothes the pain. Similarly, you can use desi ghee in order to treat your sores. You can directly apply ghee on the ulcers, let it stay for few minutes and then spit it out.


Aloe Vera Juice

aloe veraIt plays an important role in getting rid of your mouth ulcers. To treat this disorder swish some aloe vera juice a couple of times in the day and get relief. This simple home remedy is the easiest way to treat mouth ulcers because it has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Not only this, drinking aloe vera juice offers relief by healing the stomach lining and reducing acidic secretions.



Holy BasilTulsi is a medicinal plant and we all are getting medicinal benefits from it since very long. Out of its uncountable uses, you can also use tulsi leaves to cure mouth ulcers because it is known to be very therapeutic. You can boil some tulsi leaves and use the water to gargle two-three times in a day.
Mouth ulcers usually go away within one or two weeks but if the sores become large and painful you must see a doctor. You should drink plenty of water along with the above mentioned remedies to keep your stomach clean. In most of the cases, mouth ulcers may occur due to some imbalance in the stomach or intestines

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