Struggling to shed the extra weight but can’t because of some reason or the other? If you have tried some weight loss drugs, there is no need to tell you the adverse effects of the same. However, some of you might have just started the fight and haven’t explored much. For all those, let me tell you that it might not be impossible to lose weight, but, losing weight in a healthy manner isn’t really possible with these drugs. Either you take help from the instant weight loss drugs and get yourself trapped in a completely unhealthy cycle of weight loss and spontaneous weight gain. Or you go for starving by leaving food for months. None of them is in favor of your future health. Probably you also are aware of it to some extent, and this is why you are here. Today, we will see everything about panchkarma weight loss therapy. If you are new to ayurveda like many others, you might not even have heard about it. But, its completely alright because if you have the intention to choose something healthy and holistic, there are ways to get in all the details.

In fact, there are ayurvedic companies that can help you out at no cost. We will talk about this aspect later on. Before that, let us see what exactly ayurveda is all about and how you can lose weight naturally with panchkarma. Ayurveda is an ancient most science of healing that takes into account your body type. According to ayurveda, every human body is unique and hence healing should be synchronized to suit that body type. After identifying your body type, ayurveda aims at healing your body while improving your health with the help of some extraordinary herbs. Yes, it has a collection of thousands of formulas for almost every disease on this planet and each one is entirely based on herbs. Till recent past, it was considered to be an ancient science of healing, but today scientists are testing and proving the effectiveness of almost every other ayurvedic medicine every day. This is taking more and more diseased towards a better, holistic and side effects free way of healing. More and more people are using ayurveda today. Not only in Asian countries, but the marvelous effectiveness of ayurveda is spreading into the entire world.

Yes, you can always treat cough, cold, acidity and other such minor day to day problems with ayurvedic medicines. But, what makes it unique is the ability to cure problems like diabetes, cancer and obesity. Yes, it can do what no other healing science so far is able to do. No matter how much complicated your problem is, ayurveda has a solution. Today, we will see one such method- panchkarma weight loss therapy. Panchkarma, as the name indicates is a combination five extremely healthy and real healing therapies. Many ayurvedic doctors usually recommend panchkarma to patients dealing with cough problems, chronic complaints like diabetes, obesity, infertility, spondylosis and other joint problems. Yes, this process can heal some of the biggest problems of the time. Vamana (emetic therapy), Virechana (purgative therapy), Nasya (inhalation therapy), Anuvasana basti (type of enema) and niruha basti (another kind of enema) are the five processes that make the magnificent panchkarma powerful.

Some of the benefits of panchkarma claimed in ancient texts and proven by modern day scientists are having a stronger digestive system, eliminating the root cause of many stubborn diseases, improving motor organ efficiency, flushing out toxins accumulated over time and hence taking your body towards a healthier state. All these are fine, and the entire world is aware of these benefits of panchkarma. Hence, let us see how panchkarma weight loss therapy actually works.

  • By improving metabolism, panchkarma weight loss therapy helps in shedding the extra fat accumulated in your body. Metabolism is one of the reasons people with almost similar diet differ greatly in body fat. If your food is digested at a faster rate and comprehensively, you will never get the problem of obesity. Hence, we can say digestion and metabolism plays an important role in determining one’s weight loss or weight gain. Some believe in the simple fact that faster the metabolism lesser would be the weight. Wondering this is why you eat less, and still are overweight. While your friends of someone in family eat anything and everything, still manages to have a perfect weight? Yes, the excess of weight is usually related to your metabolism. Panchkarma weight loss therapy helps by improving the metabolism. This is how you can lose weight naturally with panchkarma.
  • Panchkarma is actually a therapy, but, depending on the need of your body, it can be modified. The herbs and oils used during panchkarma will be decided on the basis of your health problems. This is why it is effective in a large class of problems. For instance, triphala, made up of Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki is usually used against obesity. Triphala is used to reduce cellulite and fat by rubbing and massaging as a paste directly on the body. This is not the only option and the ayurvedic doctors will decide the right ayurvedic herbs to be used based on your body type, diseases you are struggling with and your medical history will also be considered.
  • Because panchkarma is an ayurvedic treatment, you can lose weight naturally with panchkarma. Panchkarma weight loss therapy, as well as all other ayurvedic medicines has no artificial or chemical factors involved. This is why you can lose weight naturally with panchkarma therapies. There is no chance of any side effect. In fact, you will get several other health benefits while undergoing the therapies. It is going to be a healing experience from head to toe. However, no matter how much expensive weight loss treatment you choose, it is going to have some side effects. If not any permanent damage to health, the treatment will fail badly to give permanent weight loss. You will regain all your weight lost a very high speed. For this you don’t spend your hard earned money, right? This is why it is important to think about using panchkarma weight loss therapy. It is healthy, free from side effects and also permanent.

These were some of the benefits of going for panchkarma weight loss therapy. You can eliminate both- excess of fat and toxins accumulated inside your body. standard panchkarma can help you in weight loss. However, your ayurvedic doctor might decide a tailor made therapy after analyzing your case. Swedana, Kizhi, Udvarthanam, Abhyangam, Pizhichil, and Elakizhi are some of the therapies that can be added to the core panchkarma weight loss therapy. All of them are equally effective and healthy. In fact, they can assist in accelerating the process of weight loss. You can end up losing anything between 8 to 12 kgs  in a span of 2 weeks. And the loss is not going to stop here. After the therapy as well, you will continue to lose weight, provided you follow certain precautions.

Panchkarma weight loss therapy is ultimately healthy and extremely effective. However, you will need the right guidance from experts. Yes, you can lose weight naturally with panchkarma, but you need an expert ayurvedic doctor for this.  The extent of effectiveness of panchkarma weight loss therapy will largely be determined by the right guidance. It is so because not all of the treatments may be necessary in every overweight person. The types of herbs used, therapies to be included and duration of the treatment is decided after an assessment of your present condition and pas record.  Your ayurvedic doctor will take into consideration factors like person’s age, dosha imbalance and his/her current medical condition. After this, he will give you the best plan to lose weight naturally with panchkarma.

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